"John, of Lock's Lawn Care, has been doing my yard care for several months now.  My home is on an acre and a half.  Around the house is landscaped and then there is a fruit grove, large fenced dog yard with trees and some just maintained weed-free dirt areas with native manzanita, oak and pine trees.

As you can imagine this type of property is a challenge to keep looking "park-like".  Native trees pruned, bare areas raked and kept weed-free, etc.


John has also reconfigured my eight-station automatic sprinkler system and replaced the old tubing.  He also has redone the "front lawn" area with a rock and bark and a walk path to a sitting area to save on water.

He is pleasant, honest, timely and communicates well and cleans up what mess he has created.  He has my vote!!!"

- Nancy Barnes

  Alpine, California

"Lock's Lawn Care is second to none!  I have had Lock's Lawn Care servicing my lawn now for about 6 months.  I  have had two other lawn service companies handle my lawn and none of them ever went the extra mile during their weekly service.  The "others" we shall say always just cut, edged and blew the side walk and left.

Lock's Lawn Care weeds areas that need attention.  They trim and prun as needed and they went the extra mile to treat my lawn to kill all the weeds.  My lawn in 3 years has never looked so nice or green.

They also planted ice plant on my hill in my back yard which we are so happy with.  The fabric they install around the plants prevents any weeds from growing saving us time and money.

Not using Lock's Lawn Care is your loss!

Thanks Lock's Lawn Care for treating our lawn like it was your own!"

- Ed W.
Santee, CA